Pride Macau Entertainment Culture Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013. Our primary objective is to provide high-quality marketing and production services with innovative ideas. The scope of our business includes advertising and marketing, event planning, public relations services, filming production and photography.

Pride Macau Entertainment believes having an all-around production team is the cornerstone to success. Our sophisticated team members have years of experience working with the local market. We offer tailored plans according to our clients’ needs by using pre-market positioning, creative conception, post-production and strategic marketing. We can present our clients’ products and/or services via print ads, video ads, or promotional activities in various creative ways.

Pride Macau Entertainment is also actively engaging in providing public relations services. We have experience in hosting banquets and conferences for both private clients and government departments, with size ranging from small press conferences to large-scale events. We always put clients’ satisfaction at our first priority and our PR team will accommodate their needs in any aspects such as venue coordination, media arrangement, event planning and on-site operation, etc.

Pride Macau Entertainment is committed to incorporate creativity into every part of our work. We are never limited by any preexisting standards and are always trying to innovate. We are honored and grateful for all the support we have received all these years, including the support from both local companies and government. Without their support, our company would not be able to grow and get to where we are today. Our upcoming target is to become a leading media production and public relations company in Macau. We are looking forward to collaborating with more clients and helping them to achieve better results with our innovative marketing skills.